We're Closed

Thank you to the X-Cart community for 10 great years!

Unfortunately, with the massive loss in X-Cart market share, and the corresponding loss of sales for 3rd party developers, we were left with no choice but to cease development for the X-Cart platform.

alteredCart developed innovative, creative, and unique modules. In no way did we want to stop doing this. We explored all options and found our only choice was to find a new home for the alteredCart modules.

On Sale, Checkout One, Download Expander, Smart Search, Point of Sale, PCI Compliant Payments and all of the other alteredCart modules are now a part of the next generation cart platform Gahela Cart. We hope you will join us there where we can continue to innovate and re-define what ecommerce software can be.

There will be no more sales of, or updates to alteredCart modules for the X-Cart platform. However, we realize there are still active X-Cart based stores that may need custom changes and/or updates. We don't want to abandon you with unusable software. Legacy support for alteredCart modules will be available as a paid hourly support.